Why Raise a Bilingual Child

Why Canticos

Check out what mamás, papás, hermanitas, & educators have to say about the #1 bilingual preschool brand.

Early learning, endless possibilities.​

“I believe that kids are like sponges, and that’s why I’m starting him early on a second language. The best app for bilingual learning is Canticos- worth every single penny!”

Daniela, bilingual Mom and early learning advocate

Bilingualism: a true super power

“Bilingual brains have been shown to be better at focusing, remembering, and decision-making. This is something that I truly believe is going to help change the future, and prepare kids for the 21st century.”

Sophia, Director of Learning Design & Efficacy, and champion of future bilingual geniuses

Big sister-approved

“Now that mom and dad are busy and we’re all learning at home, I’ve decided to take charge of my sister’s learning! After all, kids know better than grownups what kids like. My secret? The Canticos app!”

Arwen, Canticos fan and fun connoisseur

An investment worth every penny.

“Full disclosure I don’t speak Spanish at all, but I think it’s one of the best gifts I can give him. We found Canticos, we absolutely love it! It’s so worth the money because he actually learns through play, and it’s screen time I can feel good about letting him enjoy.”

Stephanie, proud mama of a future bilingual kid

Dos idiomas, infinitas posibilidades.

“La mejor aplicación para el aprendizaje bilingüe que he encontrado sin duda alguna es Canticos. Tiene una pedagogía increíble y sólida detrás. Realmente pensaron en cómo los niños aprenden un lenguaje.”

Daniela, mamá bilingüe y fanática de la educación temprana

Canciones, cultura y corazón.

“Canticos toma todas las canciones de cuna de nuestros países y las combina en un mundo espectacular donde los niños pueden aprender jugando.”

Susie Jaramillo, Creadora de Canticos
(¡y de mucha diversión!)

El bilingüismo: un verdadero superpoder.

“El 85% del desarrollo cerebral es antes de los 5 años. Así que este es el mejor momento para darles el regalo del bilingüismo.”

Sophia, Directora de Diseño & Eficacia del Aprendizaje y amante del bilingüismo

Abuela approved

“El 85% del desarrollo cerebral es antes de los 5 años. Así que este es el mejor momento para darles el regalo del bilingüismo.”

Samara, Entrepreneur & bilingual mom

Celebrate our culture.

It was really important for me to have him learn our heritage. I found Canticos- it has everything that a 21st century kid needs!

Samara, entrepreneur & bilingual mom.

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