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Canticos, the Emmy-nominated, award-winning bilingual preschool brand from Encantos, teaches kids early learning skills in two languages through music, books, and games.

All over the world, nursery songs have been used to introduce young children to early childhood learning concepts, build social skills and create cross-generational bonds through preservation of these commonly known songs.

Canticos combines the power of nursery rhymes with the benefits of bilingualism to provide your child with an innovative learning experience in English and Spanish.

Susie Jaramillo created a media company with an educational, cross-cultural, and intergenerational mission.
Canticos resonates with parents who want to raise multilingual children through quality, appealing content.
¿Qué hacer cuando los niños no quieren dormir? La colección bilingüe Canticos de Susie Jaramillo reúne tiernas canciones de cuna de nuestra infancia.

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