Kirkus Best Book of the Year 2016 - Children's Book Category

Little Chickies / Los Pollitos

With a popularity a kin to that of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in English, “Los Pollitos” is the ultimate classic Spanish children’s nursery song. This endearing song tells the story of little chicks and their mother hen, and serves as a metaphor for the demanding nature of babies, and the unconditional love and care given by their parents. To engage children equally in both languages, our English adaptation of “Los Pollitos” is as catchy and lyrical as the original Spanish.
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Novelty accordion-fold board book in a slipcase

Read one language at time, in this accordion-fold book with interactive features including flaps and wheels.

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Read English and Spanish side-by-side.

Also includes interactive lift-the-flap features.

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Explore the musical world of the three Little Chickies throughout a variety of creative play experiences that expose your little ones to music, language and creativity.

“A thoroughly engaging, ingeniously designed Latino celebration.”

Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

“Delightful… Numerous flaps and a turn-the-wheel feature add to the fun… should draw smiles.”

Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

“A perfect choice for bilingual story times.”

Starred Review, School Library Journal


Little Chickies
Little chickies squeal,
pio pio pio,
When they get so cold,
and when they want a meal.

Mama goes and gets them
corn from the field,
serves them each their food,
And warms them head to heel.

Chickies sleep so yummy,
snuggled up with mommy,
And that’s just where they’ll stay
until another day.
Los Pollitos
Los pollitos dicen
pío, pío, pío
cuando tienen hambre,
cuando tienen frío.

La gallina busca
el maíz y el trigo
les da la comida
y les presta abrigo.

Bajo sus dos alas,
duermen los pollitos
Hasta el otro día!

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