Recycling art projects! ¡Proyectos de arte con reciclaje!

Supplies needed: cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tubes; paint; ink.

Recycling is one way we show amor for the Earth, by making less waste. Here are two ideas for fun projects that recycle materials you have around the house.

Weekend Project: Look for materials around the house that can be recycled for new projects. Newspapers and old magazines can be used for paper mache, used boxes can be used for imaginative play, and aluminum cans can be used for making bird feeders, instruments, and more.

Included in this lesson:
Cardboard Tube Heart Stamp activity sheet

Note for grown ups:

Art time is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. If your child is working on an art project independently, encourage them to do so mindfully by working in a quiet, calm, focused way.

Download Activity Sheets:

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