Make an Emotions Wheel

About This Activity

How are you feeling today? Get crafty and express your feelings with this creative exercise that helps kids identify emotions in two languages.

Ages: 3+
Level: Medium
Materials: Printed activity sheets; pencils; crayons or colored pencils

1. Print out activity sheet.
2. Name and identify your emotions in English and Spanish by creating an emotions wheel.
3. Try your superpower! Retell a time when you felt happy, sad, anxious, sleepy and hungry, draw a face for each emotion you learn.

How Your Kid Benefits

This activity stimulates empathy while helping kids creatively identify emotions in two languages.

Bonus Benefit!

Bilinguals are better able to adapt social flexibility, suggesting that alternating between languages allows for them to more successfully alternate between social situations.

Note to Grown-Ups

Asking children to name their emotions is an important first step to regulating their emotions. Encourage them to voice how they are feeling by asking them directly, and have them explain their feelings. “I am feeling ___ because…” For more practice with emotion words, have your child engage with the Feelings game in the Learn section of the Canticos App.

Activity Sheet

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