Make a Heart Stamp

About This Activity

Show some love with this fun and easy craft that repurposes old cardboard into an adorable heart stamp.

Ages: 3-5
Level: Medium
Materials: Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tubes; paint; ink.

1. It’s not necessary to print out this activity sheet, you can follow the instructions your computer.
2. Create your heart stamp using a cardboard tube as directed on the activity sheet.
3. Try your superpower! Use your heart stamp to create artwork, decorations, let your imagination run wild!

How Your Kid Benefits

This activity teaches kids how to reuse old cardboard in a fun craft that encourages shape recognition and open-ended creative play.

Bonus Benefit!

Speaking a second language is known to improve your child’s problem-solving, multitasking and decision-making abilities.

Note to Grown-Ups

Art time is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. If your child is working on an art project independently, encourage them to do so mindfully by working in a quiet, calm, focused way. This activity works well as a supplement to the Art section of the Canticos App.

Activity Sheet

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Hooray, let’s play!

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