TIP: Use a calendar to learn names of each month and count how many weeks are in a year.

How Your Kid Benefits

Many people hold the common misconception that learning a language is difficult, or that you need to have a special “gift” for language. This is not true, and by setting goals and committing to consistent practice, bilingualism is completely attainable for your child.

Try Your Superpower!

Using our classic “Sol Solecito”, trace the seven days of the week in English and Spanish. Use what you learn to draw a picture of what you would like to do on different days in the future.

What You’ll Need:

Printed activity sheets; pencil; crayons or colored pencils

Note to Grown-Ups

To help your little ones with the transition back to the school year, have them do a few activities in the Canticos Bilingual Preschool App at their desk or at a dining room table to practice doing focused, intentional academic work.

Activity Sheet