Learn the Days of the Week

About This Activity

What day is it today? ¿Que día es hoy? One of the best ways to commit something to memory is by writing it down. This activity helps kids learn the days of the week with the help of Sol Solecito.

Ages: 3+
Materials: Printed activity sheets; pencils; crayons or colored pencils

1. Print out activity sheet.
2. Using our classic “Sol Solecito”, trace the seven days of the week in English and Spanish.
3. Try your superpower! Use a calendar to learn name of each month and count how many weeks are in a year.

How Your Kid Benefits

This activity is great for early handwriting practice, exposing kids to new vocabulary and calendar organization.

Bonus Benefit!

Many people hold the common misconception that learning a language is difficult, or that you need to have a special “gift” for language. This is not true, and by setting goals and committing to consistent practice, bilingualism is completely attainable for your child.

Note to Grown-Ups

Writing and speaking in a new language can be challenging, especially for the littlest learners! Make sure to acknowledge and praise your child consistently for their hard work on practicing bilingual vocabulary. For further vocabulary practice, watch the video

Activity Sheet

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