Color Bingo!

About This Activity

Play bingo with a Canticos twist and learn color vocabulary in English and Spanish. Complete with chips and sheets, this activity is a great way to bring family and friends together to learn through play.

Ages: 3+
Materials: Printed activity sheets; pencils; crayons or colored pencils

1. Print out activity sheet.
2. Learn all the different colors in English and Spanish with our Color Bingo Game, following the instructions written on the sheet.
3. Try your superpower! See if you can find those same colors on your own in a scavenger hunt at the grocery store.

How Your Kid Benefits

This activity gives kids the opportunity for oral vocabulary practice, in addition to word recognition and association.

Bonus Benefit!

Evidence from a number of studies suggests that bilingualism improves the brain’s executive function — a command system that directs the processes that we use for planning, solving problems and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.

Note to Grown-Ups

This activity encourage children to say new vocabulary words in a fun, low-pressure way. Have them say the color words out loud as often as possible, especially while playing the bingo game. Check out the De Colores / All the Colors in the Book section of the Canticos App for more practice.

Activity Sheet

Made with from our familia to yours

Hooray, let’s play!

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