Number 1 with Pin Pon

About This Activity

Let’s write the number one! ¡Número uno! This activity helps kids practice numbers in English and Spanish while making real world learning connections to further expand and interpret their knowledge.

Ages: 2-5
Materials: Printed activity sheets; pencils; crayons or colored pencils

1. Print activity sheet.
2. Follow the arrow with your pencil. Then practice writing the number by tracing along the dotted lines before trying the last few by yourself.
3. Finally, shade in only one Pin Pon and one bubble.
4. Try your superpower! Play board games like Candy Land or Sorry! and count the spaces you move on the across the board in Spanish

How Your Kid Benefits

By learning numbers your child forms a strong early math foundation in English and Spanish. Combine this activity with the Piñata game in the Learn section and the Beat music game in the Play section to deepen bilingual counting experiences.

Bonus Benefit!

Bilingualism forces the brain to resolve internal conflict, strengthening its cognitive muscles with a mental workout.

Note to Grown-Ups

Make counting a regular part of your interactions with your child, which is a great way to stimulate learning through play. Look for easy ways to sneak in counting whether cooking in the kitchen, outside, running errands, walking the dog; there are always fun things to count!

Activity Sheet

Hooray, let’s play!

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