A is for Amor

About This Activity

Let’s write the letter A! ¡Letra A! This activity helps kids practice letter writing in English and Spanish while making real world learning connections to further expand and interpret their knowledge.

Materials: Printed activity sheets; pencils; crayons or colored pencils

1. Print activity sheet, if you don’t have a printer look at the activity on your computer and practice on a lined sheet of paper.
2. Follow the arrow with your pencil, then practice writing the letter A in upper case and lower case by tracing along the dotted line.
3. Try your superpower! Look around for words that start with the letter A while driving and say the letter in English and Spanish.

How Your Kid Benefits

This activity helps create a foundation in early bilingual literacy by introducing letters in creative and interactive settings.

Bonus Benefit!

It’s a common misconception that your child can only learn a new language in a formal classroom setting, the best results come when the child learns at their own pace and in a style that best suits them

Note to Grown-Ups

Kids learn a lot from their parents, which is why it’s important to engage their learning even in every day settings. Letters form the foundation for early bilingual literacy, which is also strengthened through the bubble game in the Canticos App.

Activity Sheet

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Hooray, let’s play!

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