Beloved by kids, parents, & educators, Canticos makes learning fun with bilingual (English & Spanish)  books, digital apps, and sing-along videos featuring an adorable cast of animal characters.

All over the world, nursery songs have been used to introduce young children to early literacy and math concepts, to build social skills through singing and dancing, and to create cross-generational bonds through the preservation of these commonly known songs.

Canticos combines the power of nursery rhymes with the benefits of bilingualism to provide your child with an innovative learning experience.

Susie Jaramillo

President - Chief Creative Officer

Susie is the co-founder of Encantos Media, a purpose-driven entertainment studio dedicated to bringing beautiful, culturally relevant, and engaging content to diverse audiences across multiple platforms. She is also the creator, author and illustrator of Canticos.

Susie is a creative visionary, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a mom. When others’ see problems, Susie sees opportunity and builds beautiful and creative solutions. This is, in fact, how she entered the world of publishing as she couldn’t find books that helped her kids relate to her culture in a deeper way, with true cultural roots. And so Canticos was born.

Susie is passionate about building Canticos into an inspirational brand that will transcend generations.

The goal of Canticos is to bring families together through a shared love of languages, music and culture. I wanted to create something beautiful and fun to celebrate nursery rhymes with kids of all backgrounds. I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

The Team

Steven Wolfe Pereira

Chief Executive Officer

A purpose-led leader with a passion for diversity and inclusion, Steven is dedicated to creating beloved family brands inspired by underrepresented cultures and with universal appeal. Recognized by Adweek as one of the "50 Most Indispensable Executives in Marketing, Media and Tech", Steven has over twenty years of experience at the intersection of technology, entertainment, advertising, media and marketing.

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Nuria Santamaria Wolfe

Chief Marketing Officer

Driven by her belief in the power of media and technology to connect people across cultures and generations, Nuria co-founded Encantos. She has built her career at the intersection of multicultural markets, media and technology. She’s a champion for diversity and inclusion in tech and an advocate for diverse representation in media. Recognized by the industry as an Ad Age Woman to Watch, a Top 40 Under 40 Tech Diversity: Silicon Valley.

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Carlos Hoyos

Chief Technology Officer

Carlos combines his technology and music background to create immersive and whimsical digital experiences that not only entertain kids, but also expose kids to early literacy and math concepts. Carlos has over 20 years of experience identifying, developing and executing large-scale technology solutions for the world’s largest brands. He also boasts several technology patents.

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Angie Monroy

Head of Design

Angie has over 14 years of experience in the creative and design industries. An intuitive designer with an incredible sense of play, she ensures Canticos products are a beautiful celebration of the cultural heritage behind each song.

Magali McDonald

Creative Producer

Magali is a talented creative and producer. A graduate of Pratt Institute, she’s built her career in animation with a focus on children’s short films, which have been screened at various international film festivals.

Carolina Dammert

Marketing Director

Carolina brings her 16 years of marketing and advertising experience working at Top 10 advertising agencies for Fortune 500 clients to develop the Canticos brand strategy in areas including digital, PR and events.

Carlos “Champi” Benavides

Music Producer

Carlos “Champi” Benavides is a Colombian composer, singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, producer and sound engineer. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Champi has produced music for pop artists, film, and theater and has deep expertise in children's music.

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