Little Chickies / Los Pollitos

Come explore the musical world of the three little chickies: Ricky Chickie, Kiki Chickie and baby Nicky Chickie! Inspired by the beloved Latino nursery rhyme “Los Pollitos Dicen” (Little Chicks Say), these little chickies peep and sing ‘pío pío pío’ throughout a variety of creative play experiences that expose your little ones to music, language and creativity.

Multilingual Radio

Play the classic “Los Pollitos” song in the original Spanish plus 7 other languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Japanese, and Chinese). Listening to music in other languages helps stimulate the brain and train the ear to process different sounds.

Decorate the egg

Design an egg with bright colors and patters and add fun faces and accessories.  Save your creations in a portfolio of your designs.

Create a Bouquet

Decorate a bouquet of flowers and other whimsical items for Mother Hen. This type of creative art activity strengthen problem solving, critical thinking, and motor skills.

Crack the Eggs

Tap on the eggs to crack them and watch three little chicks hatch as the classic nursery song begins to play. Music stimulates the parts of the brain that are related to the development of reading, math, and emotional skills.

Play the guitar

Strum on the “tres” – a three-string Latin American string instrument to make sounds and light up the screen. This free play experience promotes the development of motor skills.