When the going gets tough…you can do it! Three things to remember during these unique educational times

Teacher Hacks
By Irma Vazquez, Educator in Residence at Encantos

As a mother of three children and an elementary school teacher, I’ve had my fair share of thinking on my feet. When it comes to providing my children and students with a safe,  engaging and fun environment as well as teaching important concepts,  I’ve always relied on three key pillars: 1. Intentionality, 2. Creativity and 3, Flexibility. In this very unique education moment in time, now more than ever we must  channel the important message of Ricky, Nicky, and Kiki: “We can do it!”  Here is how:

1. Be intentional about your teaching & learning.                                                                

With so many materials being shared it can be overwhelming to decide which resource is best for your child and their lesson. Pause and really think about your teaching objective for each specific lesson. Ask yourself, “Does this enhance a teachable moment?” Be purposeful in the lesson you’re teaching or the activity you’re planning. For example, if your lesson is about the days of the week, take a moment to look for resources (videos, books, songs) specifically about days of the week. Being intentional can help you find the perfect resource you actually need. More is not always better. Keep it simple! 

2. Be creative and color outside the lines.  

Creativity comes easier to some than others. I know that my sister always relies on her big sister (me!) to help her when it comes to all things arts and crafts but... “Yes, you can do it!”  as Ricky says. This is your time to tap into that inner child and join your kids in coloring or painting. Even completing a worksheet together adds value to the experience. Embrace differences in creative expression and encourage your child or student to be unique and different. 

3. Be Flexible.  Embrace change. 

If there is one thing teachers and caretakers are really good at is being flexible!  “Don’t give up! Try again!” Schedules are important because they give our students a sense of predictability, but during this time of working and teaching (and playing, making meals...) from home, it’s important to be flexible. Every teacher will admit that what’s written in our planner isn’t always what happens, and that’s ok! Teaching children to adapt is such an important life skill and they’re watching very carefully how we work through our own schedules. Involving them in creating the schedule (even if it’s already prescribed by the school) is one way to engage your learner. 

And finally… remember that we’re a team. That you’re already a member of a community of parents, teachers, authors, artists, and creators that make up one large equipo that has one common goal:  to help you and child thrive in a unique educational time. Because that’s what familia does: When the going gets tough…We don’t give up! 




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