Piñatas: Tips to Make Your Next Piñata a Smashing Success

By Nuria Santamaría Wolfe

Fiesta time means piñata time! Whether it’s your little ones birthday, end-of-school year celebration, or posadas during the holidays, piñatas are now synonymous with celebration. 

Those colorful paper maché designs are more than just fun party decor, they’re fun to smash to pieces! 

Whether you grew up with piñatas at every celebration or are curious to adopt this fun tradition at your next party, here are some tips to make sure your next piñata is a hit!

Piñata set-up: 

Start by selecting a fun piñata appropriate for your celebration. Today there are countless designs from the traditional six point star to piñatas of your favorite children’s characters. There are also countless places to buy them from local Mexican mercado, Target, to shops on Etsy! 

Fill your piñata with age-appropriate candy, small toys and other fun surprises your little ones will be delighted to see as the piñata breaks. 

Next, hang your piñata from a rope and either secure it to a wall or ceiling or recruit two volunteers to hold the rope at either end. Next, have all the little ones line up from shortest to tallest.  You can blindfold each party-goer to make the game more fun or simple spin them in place to make hitting the piñata a bit more challenging. Hand the first child a stick and you’re almost ready for the fun to begin!

Piñata song: 

No piñata experience is complete without The Piñata Song. As each kid approaches the piñata, burst into song to encourage him or her to “dale, dale” or “hit it, hit it”.

In Spanish we sing:

Dale, dale, dale,

no pierdas el tino,

porque si lo pierdes

pierdes el camino. 


Dale, dale, dale,

no pierdas el tino,

mide la distancia

que hay en el camino.


Ya le diste una,

ya le diste dos,

ya le diste tres 

y tu tiempo se acabó. 

¡Se acabó!


No quiero oro,

no quiero plata.

Yo lo que quiero

es romper la piñata.

Give each child a few chances to swing and hit the piñata while swinging it away with the rope to make it challenging and fun until the piñata finally brakes to reveal all the goodies. Don’t forget to sing for each child. 

Check out our Spanish and English versions of The Piñata Song here and get some birthday celebration inspiration from our video featuring Sammy the Bunny. 

Felicidades, you’re now a piñata pro! Have fun at your next fiesta and don’t forget the piñata!

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