Three Ways to Celebrate Three Kings Day

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By Nuria Santamaría Wolfe
For many families, the holiday season is not over after Christmas and New Year’s.  The holiday festivities extend into January with a celebration of Three Kings’ Day.  

The day also known as the Feast of the Epiphany, is the 12th day of Christmas. It marks the arrival of the Three Kings (Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar) to Bethlehem to welcome baby Jesus.

If you want to extend the holiday festivities with food and family, here are three ways to celebrate Three Kings’ Day this season.

1. Eating “Rosca de Reyes” or “King’s Crown”: This oval-shaped sweet bread is adorned with candied fruits and nuts to symbolize a king’s crown. Some roscas include a hidden plastic figurine of a boy which is meant to represent baby Jesus. You can find “Rosca de Reyes” at Latino bakeries and large supermarkets throughout the country.  

2. Gifts from the Three Kings: In some countries children leave their shoes by the door and wake up to find gifts inside them. Your little ones will enjoy getting gifts from the Three Kings and you’ll get to enjoy those memories forever.

3. Family time with holiday music and books: ‘Tis the season for quality time together.  Check out books like My Little Donkey/Mi Burrito featuring the popular song ‘Mi Burrito Sabanero’ - which tells the story of a rider and his donkey as they journey to Bethlehem.  Download the free app for music in English and Spanish.

So go ahead, extend the holidays just a few days longer and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. That’s the spirit of Three Kings’ Day!

About the author

Nuria is an entrepreneur and mom raising two bilingual children. She joined forces with another mom, Susie Jaramillo, and founded Encantos – a family entertainment and education company for today’s multicultural families.

Together they launched Canticos – a bilingual baby and toddler brand with books, apps, and sing-along videos is the first brand from. Nuria serves as Executive Producer of Canticos digital shorts which are now available across Nick Jr.’s digital preschool platforms: on, Nick Jr.’s YouTube page and on the Nick Jr. and NOGGIN apps.


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