Staying Home Does Not Mean Staying in a Messy Home

Parent Hacks
By Nuria Santamaría Wolfe, Chief Marketing Officer at Encantos

During this time, with kids home all day every day, keeping the house clean has gotten a lot harder. What better time than now to introduce your little ones to daily chores and to graduate your big kids to big kid chores? 

Having more hands around should also mean having more ‘helping’ hands around.

Here are four tips to make cleaning a family affair. 

Make it age-appropriate: No matter how little your little ones are, there’s a task appropriate for every age. From picking up toys and putting them in a toy basket, to wiping down the dining table, to folding laundry, every little task they do, is one fewer you have to take on yourself. Now is the time to delegate! It’s good for them and it’s good for you.

Assign chores that correspond with their developmental level to ensure your child can complete the task and get that feeling of accomplishment that will encourage him/her to do it again, and again, and again. 

Do it daily: Make sure your child has a chore they can do around the same time everyday. Repetition will help them get better at it and it also provides a sense of routine that they need so much, especially during this unpredictable time in our lives.  For example, putting away their toys can happen everyday before dinnertime and wiping down the dining table can be their chore after every meal. 

Turn it into a game:  Who says you can’t have fun while you clean up? Around my house, we turn clean up time into a competitive sport. For example: mom and sister vs. dad and brother.  We race to see who can put the most number of toys into a toy basket. Winners get to be the ‘Tickle Monsters’ and attack the other team until everyone ends up on the floor, rolling with laughter.

Add music: Everything's better with music! Make the time fly by playing your favorite tunes, singing and dancing along to the music. Pick an upbeat song the kids love and crank up the volume!

In our home, we love the Kidz Bop remakes of popular music because the adults know the songs and the little ones can learn the kid-friendly versions. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

If you’re looking for a song that is both upbeat and teaches kids all about cleaning and organizing, check out the Canticos song “Everything in its Place” here. You’ll hear the song once in English and once in Spanish - for 2x the cleaning time! 

So please keep staying home and while the world may be a bit chaotic outside, find some comfort in keeping your home organized by incorporating every little member of your family. Happy cleaning!

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