Playing Hide & Seek Help Get Your Kid Ready For School

By Nuria Santamaría Wolfe

While it is clear to see that playing hide-and-seek has some valuable physical benefits for children, other benefits of playing this popular childhood game may not be in plain sight.

This classic game has extraordinary benefits for the brain. Here are just a few ways playing this game with your child can help.

Boosts Emotional Intelligence:  For little ones, gathering the courage to go on their own, making their own decisions about where to hide and feeling that sense of independence can be very empowering.

Strengthens Bonds: As they play and learn that you will always come back for them, the experience helps prepare them for real world moments such as the first day at daycare or preschool.  Working through issues of separation anxiety in a safe environment is great for them.

Builds Executive Functions:  Developing skills ranging from working memory, to planning and prioritization, are early indicators of preschool readiness and school success. These are the skills needed to think of places to hide and to guess where you or their friends may have hidden.

Next time you play, you can feel even better about spending time with your child knowing that it’s good for him/her on so many levels.

And for a little inspiration, check out Chickie Hide and Seek – a fast-paced bilingual song featuring our Little Chickies and a determined Sammy who will not stop until he finds them all.  Behind a tree? Inside a drawer?

Watch with your little ones and join in on the fun! Check out the
Canticos collection of YouTube videos in Spanish and English for more.

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