Celebrating International Mother Language Day

Bilingual is Better
By Linda López-Stone

Did you know that International Mother Language Day is on February 21?  Yes, the United Nations observes this day to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity as well as multilingualism. But as a mom raising bilingual and bicultural kids, “Mother Language Day” is observed every day of the year.

From the first “Buenos días mija” that we whisper to wake up our sleepy child, until the last “Te amo, nos vemos mañana” that we shared before bedroom lights go out, we are passing the mother language to our children and empowering them with the gift of being bilingual.

There is a special thing about teaching my children something that is an essential part of who I am. I feel I am building a special bond of connection with them whenever I am reading a children’s book in my native language or singing cherished nursery rhymes from my childhood.

This is why it is so important for me to find resources that celebrate language and culture. Whether our kids are beginning to say words or they are already having long conversations, Canticos resources are wonderful to support their Spanish language skills, promote our culture, and bring us together.

On International Mother Language Day, let’s recommit ourselves to the work of love that is to pass our native language to our children. Let’s make it a day to evaluate how we are doing and how we can make it more meaningful, effective and joyful. And let’s celebrate it by creating awareness of the power of languages as a way to ensure inclusion and diversity in our society.

About the Author

Linda López-Stone is a mom, digital communications professional, dual language advocate, and writer of Hispanic Mama, an online platform for moms raising bilingual and bicultural children. Connect with her @hispanic_mama on Instagram and Twitter.

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