Happy Easter! Celebrating Easter in your casita! ¡Felices Pascuas! ¡Celebrando Pascuas en tu casita!By Irma Vazquez, Educator in Residence at Encantos

As a mother of three children and a bilingual teacher, I know how amazing this time of the year is for familias. Easter for many means spending time together in reflection and eating special meals. It can also inspire shared activities between children and parents. In my home, the Easter bunny brings us baskets full […]

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How do we teach and maintain multiple languages in the home?By Valerie Barbosa

It is never too early to start reading to your kids in your native language. By hearing language sounds and pronunciations over and over again, children’s brains, already in the process of rapidly forming, absorb so much more than imaginable. Read to your children every day, let them touch the books, use your finger to show them each word and its meaning, and make these moments a special time full of love and learning. 

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How to Ensure Bilingualism: Find a Bilingual Best FriendBy Sarah Farzam

It is no surprise that the future is bilingual. And today’s parents have so much pressure on how to set up their children to excel in their adult lives. Relentlessly at the top of that how-to list is the goal many mamas and papas have which is to ensure their baby becomes bilingual, even if they aren’t. With benefits like increased cognitive development, opportunities to compete in the global job market, and enhanced social-emotional understanding, how do we accomplish this at such a young age? 

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