Bedtime Tips To Get Kids Dreaming Faster

By Nuria Santamaría Wolfe

Bedtime shouldn’t have to be a nightmare.  While getting your little one to sleep isn’t always easy, it shouldn’t be the hardest part of your day. 

Here are some of our favorite tips to help your little one doze off and free you up for some of that precious “Me Time” that we all need.

  • Stick to a routine: The first step to helping your child understand that it’s time for bed is if they can predict it based on your night time routine.  It can include a warm bath, putting on pajamas, brushing their teeth, and a final good night kiss. Design a routine that works for your family and stick to it. 
  • Read: A good book and a good snuggle can calm your little one and get them ready to dream up their own stories. 
  • Sing: Soothing lullabies have been the go-to songs to calm children for generations. Their calming nature put babies and toddlers at ease. The best bedtime songs feature sweet lyrics and soothing music. Check out our favorite:

Star Light. Star Bright

Star light, star bright.

First star I see tonight, 

I wish I may,

I wish I might, 

have this wish I wish tonight.

A simple yet charming nursery song that even the youngest can quickly learn to sign. Watch and sing-along to our bilingual song “Star Light. Star Bright” here featuring our Little Chickies, which includes a Spanish version…in case you need to sing it more than once. 

  • Final Touches: Whether it’s giving a final hug and a kiss, or applying a few drops of a calming essential oil, like lavender, make sure you clearly mark the end of their routine and signal the time to doze off. 

We know it’s not easy, but the better we get at their bedtime routine, the better we will sleep as well.  Wishing you and your little one sweet dreams.

¡Buenas noches!

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