Sol Solecito Little Sunny Sunshine

Little Sunny Sunshine

Sol Solecito

Little Sunny Sunshine / Sol Solecito is a bilingual (English & Spanish) app inspired by the popular Latin American children’s songs “Sol Solecito” and “Luna Lunera”. It features an adorable little piggy who spends his days soaking up the sun and enjoying every moment of the day.

This app provides a great way for children to learn the days of the week, as well as the concepts of day/night, and today/tomorrow.

Sing & Read

The app is based on the bilingual book of the same name and includes the original Spanish songs plus an English adaptation. There are three activities: Sing Along, Read To Me, and Read To Myself. Click on our little piggy, the sun and the moon to uncover fun surprises. Book reading by author/illustrator Susie Jaramillo.

Learn the Days of the Week

As your child plays with the app, he/she will learn the days of the week in both English and Spanish and will have fun with the concepts of day and night, as well as today and tomorrow.

About the songs

These beautiful children’s songs have a long history throughout Latin America. Sol Solecito is sung as a call out to the sun to come out and brighten up one’s day, especially on rainy days. Luna Lunera is a beautiful lullaby and celebration of the moon.