Little Skeletons / Esqueletitos

Get into the Day of the Dead spirit with these Little Skeletons! Your child will learn to tell time while also appreciating how important it is to celebrate every moment! This hand-drawn Mexican-inspired art from the books comes alive to a catchy song as these little skeletons dance their way from 1 o’clock to midnight. A great way to practice reading and learn to and tell time in English and Spanish.

Sing & Read

The app is based on the bilingual book and includes the original song lyrics in three activities: Sing Along, Read To Me, and Read To Myself.  Book reading by author/illustrator Susie Jaramillo. Click on the Little Skeletons to watch them move and dance as the clock ticks.

Learn to Tell Time

Follow the moving hands of the clock as they strike one o’clock, two o’clock…all the way to midnight.  With each hour comes a fun rhyme and new activity for these little skeletons.  Follow them as they sing, dance, eat, and play their way around the clock, learning to read the clock in both English and Spanish.

About the Song

Little Skeletons is based on the song “Los Esqueletos (Calaveras) Salen de la Tumba” (The Skeletons Come Out of the Tomb). The origin of the song is unknown and many interpretations exist throughout Latin America and Spain.

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