Little Elephants counting and sing along nursery rhyme app

Little Elephants / Elefantitos

Follow the tale of these adorable elephants as they attempt to balance on a spider web!  How many will the spider web hold?

Sing & Read

Three separate activities in eight different languages means hours of fun: Sing-along, Read to me or Read to myself.  Use the app along with the book for even more interactive cross-screen fun.

Learn to Count

Count and sing-along to this catchy Mexican counting song in English, Spanish and six other languages (Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Chinese, and Japanese). Click on the numbers to hear the pronunciation by native speakers.  Increase the number of elephants for endless verses and endless fun.

Play with Animals

A parade of beautiful hand-painted elephants you can interact with – click on them to hear them trumpet and watch them attempt to balance while a furry spider climbs up and down spinning its web.