The Birthday Book/ Las Mañanitas

Inspired by the classic Mexican birthday song “Las Mañanitas” (The Mornings) and popular throughout Latin America, this app is a great way to celebrate birthdays and the best way to welcome every day. RSVP to this party and celebrate the birthday bunny from the moment his friends wake him up right on through his big birthday celebration! Piñatas and cake included.

Sing & Read

The app is based on the bilingual book and includes the original Spanish song plus our English adaptation in three activities: Sing Along, Read To Me, and Read To Myself. Book reading by author/illustrator Susie Jaramillo. Click on the characters to uncover fun birthday surprises throughout the big day.

Celebrate Every Day

Who doesn’t love birthdays? And who wouldn’t want to celebrate them every day? Your child can customize his or her birthday experience by entering his or her name at the beginning of the app and relive the magic of birthdays every day with canticos characters – piñatas and cake included!

About the Song

“Las Mañanitas” is usually sung early in the morning to sleepy birthday kids on the morning of their birthdays and also right before cutting the birthday cake.  The song is personalized to include the birthday boy/girl’s name. Sing the original Spanish and the adaptation in English for twice the celebration fun.

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