Little Mice / Ratoncitos

These Little Mice on a mission to find and eat as much cheese as they possibly can before they get caught by the cat for lunch! Follow them and uncover surprises along the way, including basic shapes and their names in English and Spanish.

Sing & Read

The app is based on the bilingual book and includes the original song lyrics in three activities: Sing Along, Read To Me, and Read To Myself.  Listen to author/illustrator Susie Jaramillo read the book to your child or let them read all by themselves! Click on the the colorful geometric shapes to reveal their names.

Learn Shapes

As your child plays with the app he/she will also learn the names of many basic shapes in English and Spanish including: triangle, square, circle, and more.  It’s a fun early introduction to an important math concept.

About the Song

This children’s app is based on a popular nursery rhyme in Spanish called “Cinco ratoncitos de colita gris” or “Five little gray-tailed mice” and is perfect for children of preschool age, or parents who want to foster bilingual learning.

Check out our  sing along video to this song in English here or in Spanish here